Sunday, 6 February 2011

Prisoner of Zenda

PLBS , aku segroup ngan Fatin Aimy . oh ini script PLBS aku . ayat agak tunggang langgang sbb teacher belum check lagi . 
Aimi : Hi Syirah . Have you done your breakfast ?
Syirah :Hi Aimi . Yes , I have done my breakfast .
Aimi : So , what you waiting for ?
Syirah : I wait for my friend , Misz Nina . She is queuing to buy her breakfast .
Aimi : What the freak , why her name like that ?
Syirah : Err , I guess maybe it is her nickname .
Aimi : Oh , whatever . Syirah , Have you read the novel  of Prinsoner of Zenda ?
Syirah : Yes . I enjoy read it very much .
Aimi : Same goes to me .What chapter  that you like most ?
Syirah : I like the chaptere where marriage will shortly take place . It is chapter  12.The scene in this chapter is so romantic.
Aimi : Oh , it is the scene when Rudolf Rassendyll dance with Princess Flavia .
Syirah : Aimi , would you mind relating or the event in chapter 12 . I don’t remember  what it is about because the last time I read it was 5 monts ago .
Aimi : If I’m not mistaken , Sapt brings in the daily police report .The points in the daily reports are :
-          The Duke suddenly leaves Strelsau at ten o’clock taht morning .
-          De Gautet , Bersonin and  Detchard follow at eleven o’clock.
-          Detchard has a bandaged arm
-          All of them are riding in the direction of Zenda
-          Antoinette De Mauban is seen leaving by train for Zenda at twelve o’clock .
Rudolf find the news interesting .Both Sapts and Rudolf know that this new chain of event is sparked off by yesterday’s incident . Sapt continues  to read :
-          There is much unrest in the city
-          Duke Michael is gaining popularity
-          Rudolf greatly troubled by this last piece of news
-          The people and the Princess Flavia are angry with the King because he will not fix the date of his wedding.

Syirah : Oh , I remember . After that , Sapts wants to arrange a dance in the Princess’s honour that night . Rudolf must ask the Princess to marry him . Rudolf protest that he is not the real King and cannot marry the Princess. Sapt insists , ‘ You must . You simply must for the King’s sake .
Rudolf follow Sapt instruction . The most important people in the country are present . Rudolf dance many times with the Princess . Everyone watches them with admiration .At dinner , he take teh Red Rose of Ruritania from his neck and put it on her . Everyone claps and cheers . The dance is a great success .
Aimi : Oh my god , the moment is so romantic.How I wish it was I who was dancing with him .
Syirah : After dinner , Princess Flavia and Rudolf  Rassendyll  walk in teh garden . It is the most beautiful night in his life . Flavia ‘s eyes speak of her love for him . Rudolf forget about the King imprisoned in Zenda . He go down on his kness in front of her , kiss her hand and declare his love
Aimi : Sudenly , Princess Flavia pulls her hand away . She doubts Rudolf love . She ask ,
‘ Do you love me or do you feel it is your duty to do so ? ‘
Rudolf denied it . He said ,
‘ I love you more than my life , more than my honour .  ‘
Princess Flavia now believe that Rudolf’s love is fully for her. Then she whisper ,
‘ And I love you – now ‘
Syirah : At the end of this chapter , Rudolf want to tell the true to Princess Flavia . Before he speak , Sapt walk in looking very angry . He has listening to their conversation .  So , Rudolf cancel his intension .
All of us return to the dance hall . Sapt moves about ‘here and there’whispering and smilling . Soon everyone is whispering and smilling. The Princess and Rudolf cannot hide their love . That night , Rudolf feel very happy and very sad too .
Aimi : Oh this chapter is so romantic . I like it very much .
Syirah : Me too .
Aimi : Eh . that your friend , right ?
Syirah : Oh yes . Okay , I have to go . See you again . Goodbye !
Aimi : Bye !

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